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Canada’s North is at the forefront of critical issues like climate change, sustainable resource development, and reconciliation with Indigenous communities. ​

Reconciliation is about establishing a mutually respectful relationship and we think, in the long term, that while education is what got us into this situation, we think

education is the key to reconciliation.


- The Honourable Justice Murray Sinclair, Chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

I am proud to be taking part in a trailblazing program that was made in Yukon, is taught by Yukon First Nation people, and has had the support and input of Yukon First Nation governments.


This is why this program is so unique and successful. There is nowhere else in Canada that I can attend a class on Yukon First Nations self-government, meet with Elders who were central players in negotiating the agreements, and hear about the challenges and successes from people who are actively laying the foundation in implementing the agreements. Yukon University is my university.


- Lucy-Anne Kaye, Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Governance Student

Student Perspective

First Nations 101

Core Competency Requirement

In 2014, all 14 Yukon First Nations (YFN) and three neighbouring First Nations, worked together to develop a curriculum for a First Nations 101 course. Today, the course is delivered online, and twice weekly in the classroom at Yukon University. 

To graduate from their program, Yukon University requires that all students complete YFN 101 to achieve core competency in knowledge of Yukon First Nations. The course is mandatory for all University employees. 

The Yukon community has recognized that whether you belong to a Yukon First Nation or not, the history of Yukon, and the present day of Yukon First Nations, including the implementation of the land claims and self-government agreements, affects us all. This course is mandatory or highly recommended in both the public and private sectors across the territory.

Our Niches


The Yukon Research Centre’s mandate is to promote, co-ordinate, and undertake research activities that complement the Yukon University’s niche areas of focus — Yukon and Northern Studies — while fostering the development of northern capabilities. 


  • INVEST in unique ways of knowing, including traditional knowledge

  • FOSTER local, national, and international partnerships 

  • LEAD the development of a knowledge-based economy and northern capacity to research

  • PROVIDE exceptional student experiences

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