Governor General of Canada Visits Yukon College

On her first official visit to the Yukon as Governor General, Julie Payette, visited the Yukon College and future campus of YukonU.

She said 'the North is essential to understanding impacts of climate change in Canada' and

'she had lunch with a group of students to talk about their background and studies.

Payette then visited the college's Centre for Northern Innovation and Mining. She also toured the research centre's lab where she talked to officials about the college's proposed science building, said Jacqueline Bedard, who's on the college's senior executive committee.

The Governor General said northern Canada is essential in monitoring the environment and understanding the changes that will happen with the earth warming up.

"The fact that Yukon College will become a university in a few years from now is exactly in line with this — with knowledge, with facts, with evidence. We can make better decisions, and that's exactly what you are doing," said Payette.'


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