YukonU Announced

Yukon University reveals itself to the world, leading up to the official university transition celebration in May 2020!

Over footage of students in the awe-inspiring Yukon landscape, the video speaks of having a deep relationship with the place you live, feeling your roots, doing things differently, recognizing opportunity, and looking to the future. It ends with the message “together, we thrive” — all things we heard from Yukoners about being of the North and their aspirations for Yukon University. Our guiding principle was to have a process where Yukoners felt seen, heard and reflected in the Yukon University brand. 

Our final milestone in this transition journey will be the development and passing of the Yukon University Act by the Government of Yukon, which is expected to occur in the fall session of the Yukon Legislature.

Watch for the release of May 2020 celebration details, once the university legislation has passed!

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