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Yukon University’s programs and research will create social and economic prosperity for the North, and for all of Canada.

Over the past 50 years, Yukon College has helped many students achieve their education and career goals, but there is a growing recognition that it can better serve Yukoners and students from elsewhere in Canada and around the world.

Yukon University is poised to be a cutting-edge institution for northern research and innovation, creating solutions for environmental, economic, and social issues and generating knowledge that serves the North in the 21st century.

Canada’s first university north of 60 will attract bright minds from across the world and will provide Yukoners with more educational opportunities at home.


- Sandy Silver, Premier of Yukon Territory

Student Perspective

Yukon University provides an opportunity for international students who have fallen in the love with Yukon to further their education. Yukon has everything — beauty, talent, and opportunity. We will continue to flourish with your support.


-Anjali Bali, International Graduate, Liberal Arts

We envision

Yukon University as a “hybrid” university, where students will be able to access degrees, diplomas, certificates, trades, and academic upgrading. As a hybrid university, Yukon University will offer a pathway to higher education for northern learners who want to pursue education that is relevant to where they live*. 

*According to a 2014 student survey, almost two-thirds of Yukon College students want to earn a bachelor or master-level degree. 

Yukon University Degrees 

Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Governance - launched 2018 

  • Preserve Indigenous heritage and culture 

  • Bring Western and Indigenous world views into open and mutually respectful dialogue 

  • Build governance capacity within First Nation communities 

  • Blend classroom learning and land-based outdoor education 

Bachelor of Business Administration - launched 2019  

  • Create business leaders with expertise in a northern context 

  • Empower made-at-home solutions for a better social and economic future for northern residents 

  • Fulfill the need for graduates who are able to understand and evaluate challenges and opportunities that consider all aspects of business 

  • Blend classroom learning and land-based outdoor education 

Bachelor of Arts in Northern Studies planning underway

  • Blend classroom learning and land-based outdoor education 

  • Partner traditional First Nations knowledge and new discoveries in the natural and social sciences 

  • Foster graduates who can impact cultural and heritage management, social justice, and northern creativity 



The Innovation & Entrepreneurship team helps Yukoners to develop new products and services from beginning to end. Guided by an advisory council of local entrepreneurs and generously funded by both territorial and national partners, I&E offers everything from funding, resources, expertise to incubation. The wrap-around services help develop creative solutions, accelerate business ideas and amplify the impact of existing businesses. Programs, learning opportunities and business development activities ensure that entrepreneurs are able to be advance their profiles in Yukon and beyond.


Yukon University’s Centre for Northern Innovation in Mining (CNIM) provides innovative, flexible training and research for Yukon’s mining industry. Founded in 2013 in close co-operation with the mining industry, First Nations, and government, CNIM has developed employment and career training tailored to Yukon labour needs. CNIM sustains Yukon economic growth and prosperity by developing a highly-skilled local workforce for the sustainable mining industry. In conjunction with Yukon Research Centre, CNIM also contributes cutting-edge research and innovation to provide solutions to mineral resource industry issues. 

Equipped with sophisticated facilities, mobile classrooms, and high-tech simulators, CNIM also gives students real-world experience with close access to working mine sites and to reclamation and mineral exploration areas. 


The long tradition of knowledge sharing from generation to generation in Yukon has resulted in a community that is resilient, entrepreneurial, and most of all – generous and welcoming. These are universal lessons lived and learned in the Territory. Yukon University is fulfilling a vital role in balancing traditional lessons, while equipping students with recognized degrees for those who aspire to be leaders in, and well beyond, our community.


- Justin Ferbey, Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Government of Yukon

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